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Saturday 16th February


10.30am - Prayers in the Chapel


Sunday 17th February


10.30am - freespirit

- led by Lesley Hatton

- followed by a family lunch - all are welcome



Saturday 23rd February


10.30am - Prayers in the Chapel


Sunday 24th February


10.30am - Morning Worship

- led by Neil Manthorpe


6.30pm - Celebrate at Flackwell Heath



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Prayers for Racial Justice Sunday


God of love, shine in our lives, so that others will see your love.

God of peace, strengthen our faith to be bold in the face of adversity.

God of joy, bless us as we go out in joy to love and to serve.

And may God’s blessing be with us now and always.


May the wine of God's reckless extravagant love continue flow into and out of the cracked and dusty vessels of our life together.

May the love of Jesus inhabit our hearts with the oil of gladness, producing in us glad and believing hearts that our joy may be contagious, and others may join in the Spirit’s dance.

May the breath of the Holy Spirit inspire our lives so that our actions may reflect your purpose of goodness as the fruits your Spirit take root, flourish and grow in us.


Prayers for our community and those in need


Loving God, You are always more ready to hear than we are to pray and give more than either we desire or deserve. We bring these prayers confident of the justice of Your answers.


We pray for those in our Church family who are experiencing ill health, anxiety, problems at school or work, or difficult family situations - we ask that they know your love, comfort and strength, and that we their neighbours will know how to be the body of Christ for them.


O God of transforming love, when I look at the news, read the papers, attend a meeting, or look in the mirror, I wonder, ‘Can things ever change?’  Then I think of arrogant Joseph, flawed David, Headstrong Peter, greedy Zaccheus and zealous Saul.  I marvel at the faith of Abraham, the devotion of Ruth, the odeience of Mary, the scandal of the woman washing Jesus’ feet and the desperate hope of Jairus.  Then, when I watch the news, or look in the mirror, I thank you again, O God, for the transforming power and gracious love I see in Jesus.  Amen.


We pray for the Church in Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay,  for the Channel Islands District, for the Loughborough Circuit, and for those who prepare and lead our worship each Sunday.


We pray for Your guidance when we think about the use of our gifts of time, energy and money; help us to see how these precious resources shared by our Church family can be used to fulfil our vision of a Church caring for each other and our neighbours, and sharing the Good News.


Help us to face the future with courage and assurance, knowing that nothing can ever part us from Your love.  Lord Jesus we offer these prayers in Your name.  AMEN



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