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Since the lockdown began our Church family has lost some very dear friends.  We have not been able to gather to give thanks for their lives, service and all they meant to us as friends, so we have recorded some memories on this page so that they continue to be in our thoughts and prayers in the days to come.


A prayer - We remember all those who have died since the start of the lockdown; those who have suffered with Covid-19 and those whose other conditions became too much for their bodies to bear; especially we think of John, Vera Creswell, Marva, Mollie, Mary, Roger, Vera May and Dorothea who were part of our Church family in Marlow and of whom we have such fond memories in better times; we commend their souls to the Lord and give thanks that they are now free of all worldly ills; we pray for all the families and friends who mourn the sad loss of their loved ones, and who have not been able to gather together to give thanks and celebrate; we pray that there will be a time when such gatherings can happen in safety and that all our memories of these loved ones will be fresh to us.  Amen.


Vera Creswell

Vera was a much loved member of our church family and a very regular visitor to Cooinda and the coffee mornings.   She was a true Marlovian who had fascinating stories of her childhood days, playing in the residential squares which then existed and more so in Riley Park (“the rec.”) from dawn to dusk.    Vera will be greatly missed by all who knew her.


John Brereton

John was a real gentleman with a great sense of humour, very knowledgeable and kind.   His kindness also extended to animals;  after having his own boxer dogs he would take rescue dogs and give them TLC for the rest of their lives.    He was also a keen angler and football fan and loved his crosswords.  John will be much missed in Church, Cooinda and the Saturday coffee mornings.


Marva Ford

Our very dear lovely Marva was the most beautiful person both inside and outside, always thinking of others before herself, a devoted mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, and a friend to so many.  Marva worked as a nurse at St Mark's hospital in Maidenhead for may years and loved her job.  It was here she met her future husband.  She also stayed in touch with her many nursing friends and they would get together often for tea and cakes.  Marva also loved working with Lighthouse and Cooinda.  She was a true Christian and had a very strong faith and was so knowledgeable.  Her Church meant so much to her and she loved her Church family.  Marva loved her garden and always said she felt so close to God and at peace there.


Mollie Manthorpe

Mollie had only been part of our Church family for a couple of years but took an active part in our worship and the fellowship to the extent that her illness allowed. The welcome and friendship she received from the Church family in Marlow helped her to settle in her new home.  Mollie was devoted to her family and loved to hear about how her five grandchildren were getting on at school, university and work.  She kept in touch with many friends from her past and with lots of relations, and looked forward to hearing from them by post or email once travelling to meet them became more difficult.  She had learned to live with her condition and, while frustrated at times, tried hard to live life to the full and see the best in everything that she saw and heard. 



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