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Marlow Methodist Church (MMC) supports a number of charities, a few notes about some of these are listed below. If you would like to get involved in supporting these or other charities with the church or just to find out more, please pop in to see us.


Our focus charity this week



Our focus charity this week is Embrace the Middle East.
For over 150 years this charity has worked and still continues to work with Christian communities in Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Iraq and Syria.  Marlow Methodist has supported them for many years.

While we in UK are trying to manage and eventually recover from the covid -19 pandemic, Embrace is encouraging us to remember their partners living under occupation in the West Bank and Gaza. In particular their  appeal for urgent healthcare in Gaza.  For communities who lack access to basic healthcare, the impact of Coronavirus has the potential to be catastrophic.
To donate please see their website

On a more positive side they  see this situation is in fact, " an opportunity to spread the message of reconciliation, peace and conflict resolution."

Thanks are given that Palestinian and Israeli, Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities have come together to support one another in prayer and action both in Bethlehem and Jerusalem. It is good to see local churches in East Jerusalem and the West Bank trying to steer the community through this storm.

Please continue to pray for the Middle East with all its difficulties.



Action for Children


The following is an extract from the Action for Children website:

"From before they are born until they are into their twenties, we help disadvantaged children across the UK.

We help them through fostering or adoption – and by intervening early to stop neglect and abuse. We make life better for children with disabilities. We influence policy and advocate for change. Our 7,000 staff and volunteers operate over 600 services, improving the lives of 370,000 children, teenagers, parents and carers every year. We succeed by doing what’s right, doing what’s needed, and doing what works for children. ...

From our origins running children's homes, our work has spanned three centuries, developing services for children that are proven to work. We work in partnership with other charities, local authorities and health services, and are supported by a team of experts and specialists. Evidence drives everything we do. "


The MMC community raise funds for Action for Children with home collecting boxes, Christmas card sales and meal events.



Whitechapel Mission, London


The following is an extract from the Whitechapel Mission website:

"The Whitechapel Mission has been serving the homeless and marginalised for 141 years - including a day centre, skills training and career advice, activity programmes and specialist support for complex needs. By encouraging each person to address the issues which caused their homelessness, we help them to gain the skills and confidence to make lasting changes in their lives.

We believe everyone deserves a chance, regardless of their background, race or religion.

We are open every day of the year and expect to see as many as 300 homeless and vulnerable men and women each day. And we do this without public funding.

We know that we can, and are, making a positive and lasting difference to the homeless who ask for our help. "


The MMC community raise funds and, each winter, collect clothes, blankets and other items, that are taken to the Whitechapel Mission.



Christian Aid


The following is an extract from the Christian Aid website:

" We are a partnership of people, churches and local organisations committed to ending poverty worldwide. ...

We believe we can achieve even more when we team up with others, and so work alongside partners, donors and organisations to fight poverty and injustice. ...

We regularly run projects on behalf of governmental and other major donors, including UK Aid and the European Commission, and are active members of 30 networks promoting excellence in the delivery of humanitarian and development programmes ..."


The MMC community raise funds for Christian Aid with donation collections, raising awareness eg. through the Christian Aid week, and promoting and taking part in the annual sponsored walk.



Wycombe Homeless Connection


The following is an extract from the Wycombe Homeless Connection website:

" At Wycombe Homeless Connection, we help homeless people rebuild their lives. We assist them to climb out of the homelessness trap and take their place back in the community.

You could say we fight injustice. Or you could say we help individuals overcome the housing shortage, the unintended consequences of government policies, unwise life choices, poverty, poor health, bad upbringing, complex bureaucracy … it’s quite a list.

Either way: with the help of a small dedicated staff and an army of local volunteers, we help homeless people overcome the obstacles they face in finding or keeping accommodation and achieving stability."


The MMC community raise funds for Wycombe Homeless Connection and visit the centre to provide listening ears,  help and support.



Our church is a collection point for One Can donations.
More information at



Happy Children's Home, Nepal

Children of Happy Childrens Home


A home and school for children in Nepal.

Happy Children's Home was founded by Sukbahdur and his wife Bhimawati in 1996. That was the same year that Paddy returned to Nepal, having been based in Kathmandu in the early 1970s, and visited Sukbahdur who had been his driver back then. It was this encounter that resulted in Paddy committing to support the Children's Home and later MMC broadening this support.

The Home remains a small family - based project. The Home Manager is himself someone who has been brought up in the home and both Swarnim and his wife Mamata are wonderfully dedicated to giving the 16 residential and 6 non-residential children the best start in life possible.

It is a real privilege to be able to help the Home.


The MMC community raise funds for the Children's Home and visit the home in Nepal - all who visit come back exhausted, but full of praise.



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